Support After School Youth Programing!

Many kids don’t have a safe place to be after school gets out for the day. Many parents work during those hours, leaving the house empty with nobody around to look after their kids. This after-school program gives kids a safe, fun place to be between the time school ends and dinner time. 

Our greatest need
is support from our community in the form of funding. It doesn’t cost a lot to keep this program going, but it does take resources. Time with the youth will be spent on various learning and engaging activities, sport or activity time as well as studying and tutoring time with volunteers.


The gifts donated will go toward certain activity materials as well as to cover costs of keeping this program going. Thank you so much for giving - your gifts are greatly helping families in need. 


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Make a gift, monthly if possible, and then share this page with your friends.


Thanks for your commitment to the kids in our community.

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