Get involved with the Corner Food Shelf
Wednesday November 2nd, 2016
It's never been easier to get involved with the Corner Food Shelf. We look forward to seeing you around soon!
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Hey ,

We are so excited for you to learn more about what we are all about at the Corner Food Shelf. There are three simple steps and ways you can get involved with us.

We'll reach out to you within the next couple days. If you want to get involved sooner then that, reach out to us!

1 - Help in the Shelf

It takes a lot of hands to stock the shelves and prepare everything. Volunteers are coming in every day of the week. We'd love to have you join us.

If you're interested contact Rachel.
       (888) 345-3434 x102

2 - Collect Donations

In addition to purchasing goods at cost from Second Harvest we regularly collect non-parishable goods for our shelves. This works the best when someone, like yourself, inspires their neighbhors, friends, family, and co-workers to also donate.

There are some great tools we have to help you ralley others to our cause. Justin is ready to help you get the word out and cordinate on logistics.
       (888) 345-3434 x107

3 - Give Finanically

There is always a need for funding to keep our lights on, doors open, and staff running.