Be Something to Someone
Tuesday September 18th, 2012
In a world where we're pressured to be everything, focused on being something to someone.
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The time has arrived in the software world when it is no longer about how robust ourfeatures are, but how easy it is to accomplish tasks. This isn’t to say that the featuresdon’t matter, we love all the rich features that are built into our software. Rather it is an understanding that the most important thing is for you to use the software.

Everything that we do from a customer care and development perspective is to continually refine and improve your experience. The more pleasant and satisfying the experience the more you will actually use the features that are included.

A decade ago this would have been incredibly unorthodox, and in ten years from now it will be common sense. Below is a classic video produced by an in-house team at Microsoft almost 10 years ago illustrating the stark difference between their feature heavy emphasis against their competitors experience focus.

It’s taken nearly a decade for Microsoft, with all their resources, to rebuild their software focused on experience. With the next Windows release next month (Windows 8) it finally seems like they have done it.

As you are looking at software make sure you see that it is easy to use. Ease of use is not a feature, it is a mentality and passion that is hard to achieve.

Do you agree with that the trend is heading in this direction? Do you think this is a step forward or backwards?