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Minneapolis, Minnesota

2008 Annual

Campaign from January 1st - December 31st, 2008

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We have some amazing things going on in 2008 that we are excited to have you partnering with us on. Make sure to come back to check on the online campaign as the year progresses. After all we are are working hard to make a community that is a community, but that is also organic. Not that USDA organic, but built on naturally occurring relationships. A community that isn't forced.

Kimmy SchmitIt is a bit weird trying to figure out how to say the least amount possible for this fake organization while still having enough length to illustrate what is possible with these online campaigns. You can put in links to cool projects you are working on, and even upload files to link to (think about your financial statements as a pdf people could download) or share images from the year.


Really this is a place for your to improve your transparency around your donations.


Clarity builds trust, and that trust leads to engagement. The more engagement we can foster within our membership the more direct impact we'll have on our missions. So get at it, get it up and going!

Donations by Month*

*Showing all funds totaling over 5% of total donation - others grouped together for simplicty

Contributions by Fund

General Fund
Don't know where to give? General fund.
Inclusion Fund
To help fund, and subsidize the cost of the Inclusion events
Building Fund
For the new addition on our building!
Missions - Global
Helping to fund all of our activities anywheere.
FRANCE Learning Trip
To help fund, and subsidize the cost of the France outreach trip next spring for those going.
Other donations.
Missions - Twin Cities
Helping to fund our activities in the Twin Cities
Missions - General
All missions-related trips and support, unrelated to a specific trip or event.
Funds to spontaneously do good.

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